Types of Granite Kitchen Countertop Edges in Orlando

Are you considering installing granite kitchen countertops in Orlando? That is a really smart thought. They are affordable, strong, and impervious to heat intensity and stains.

One viewpoint you might not have considered is the edge style for your countertop. It might appear to be something insignificant, but it can determine the moment of truth for your kitchen’s general design.

To help you out, we have prepared a rundown of different kitchen countertop edge styles. We feature their benefits concerning design, style, security, and simplicity of care.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Edge Choices

While choosing the right edge for your granite countertop, you need to think about its visual allure as well as the reasonableness of its design. This guide features different edge styles so you can pick the proper choice.

granite kitchen countertop edges
granite kitchen countertop edges

Straight Edges                                                                 

Do you have an unpredictably designed granite bar countertop? Need to feature a beautiful backsplash or different components of your kitchen? Then a straight edge is your best choice. The reason is that it will coordinate with the room and not draw all the attention from its other design subtleties. In this style, the edges are not sharp but somewhat adjusted to reduce sharp corners. It also safeguards the countertop from damage.

Eased Edges

This simple and polished edge is one of the most commonly used with Orlando granite countertops. They are mellowed to the degree that they become neither completely adjusted nor excessively honed. They also have a square shape with a 90-degree point and are protected as they help to minimize breakage and other damages. They give your granite countertop the thickest look. They are also simple to care for and don’t hold spillages, as other edges do.

Cascade Edge

This edge has a spotless, stylish look that is best for a contemporary kitchen. It is a closing half-rounded towards the top and becomes flat towards the base. This cascade edge makes the central point in your room and makes the countertop a piece of art.

Sloped Edge

This type of granite kitchen countertop edges is set apart by its sharp 45-degree point. This makes a unique line that reaches out to the granite countertop to create a trendy finish.

There are different types of sloped edges. For instance, you can pick one-fourth angle or half incline. Besides, you can have the top and base edge slanted. Angled edge granite countertops are more affordable than other types of kitchen countertops.

Half Bullnose

A half bullnose edge adds corners to your kitchen to give it a milder, lovelier look. It is a broadly favored edge choice among Orlando homeowners. It emphasizes the granite’s thickness and features its awesome streaks and veining.

Due to its simple, bended lines, this edge is a safe decision, particularly for homes with kids or pets. It is also extremely simple to clean since there are no extra sections or creases.

granite kitchen countertop edges
granite kitchen countertop edges

Bullnose Edge

This famous edge compliments a wide range of kitchen design styles and looks exceptionally appealing. Its customized shape gives a granite kitchen countertop a more slender, smoother and richer appearance. It has immortal allure and is for the most part seen in customary kitchens.

A granite countertop with a bullnose edge is simple to clean and can be kept in the best condition to last for decades. Spills never stream down onto the ground since it has a round shape.

This is also a decent choice for a home with kids or pets since there are no sharp corners.

Ogee Edge

The ogee edge is a work of art with an enriching look that matches well with a customary kitchen design. It has a modern “S” shape and its bends might range from emotional to unpretentious.

As this edge adds additional profundity to your countertop, it is ideal for huge kitchens.

This edge is more difficult to design so it is one of the most expensive countertop edge styles.

These are the primary types of granite kitchen countertop edges you might pick for your Orlando home. Ideally, you can pick one that functions admirably with your kitchen stylistic theme and accommodates your financial plan. Other than looking upscale, pick an edge that safeguards your countertops from damage. If you are still not sure which to choose, reach out to Art Stone Surfaces Orlando Granite Countertop Fabricators.

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